Austin Friars

A period property located in a Conservation Area in the City of London.

This steel framed building was clad in Portland stone on the front elevation and red brick to the rear.

Following the erection of scaffolding to the front elevation it was noticed that the Portland stone cladding blocks were fractured.

Similarly, the red brick to the rear elevation was showing signs of movement with large fractures through the brickwork in evidence.

Initially a number of individual stones were removed to inspect the steel frame behind.

The steel beams were found to be corroding on both the front and rear elevations – a condition known as “Regent Street Disease”.

We designed a scheme where the complete top 2 to 3 storeys of stone cladding was removed and set aside on the scaffold. The steel frame was then cleaned of rust then treated with suitable rust inhibiting primers/the stone cladding  (with new stainless fixings) was refixed and pointed/the defective units were replaced using a matching Portland stone.

The same principle was applied to the removal and replacement signs of movement with large fractures through the brickwork in evidence.

To ensure the existing scaffolding could accommodate the new loadings imposed on it by the removed masonry specialist engineers where engaged to provide a new scaffold design.

Other works undertaken included replacing defective doorsets/frames to the roof level plant rooms along with the construction of a louvered plant enclosure.

Liquid coatings were applied to the main roof/parapet gutters. The roofing works are now covered by a 20 year insurance backed guarantee.

Contract Value: £395,000