Grafton Street

An Edwardian red brick and Portland stone building located close to Berkley Square.

One of the most complex aspects of the project was producing a designed scaffold which was able to accommodate the amount of basement area and the length of beam work required to span the art gallery shop fronts.

The main issue was the amount of natural ‘flex’ in the scaffold that would need reducing.

Minerva and the Scaffold Design Engineer worked closely together to ensure that with additional beam work/bracing and basement propping we provided a structurally safe independent scaffold from which the main contract works could be undertaken.

Minerva were then instructed to undertake an external clean and refurbishment project to all the elevations.

A nebulous water-based system (which is sympathetic to the fabric of building) was chosen to clean both the red brick and Portland stone elements of the building.

Whilst the cleaning work was carried out it became apparent that a coating has been previously applied over the Portland stone dressings.

As the coating was removed (instructed by the client) it became obvious to why it had been utilised in the first place.

The coating has been applied on top of brown staining in an effort to hide the discoloration which over time had leeched to the surface of the stone.

We were then tasked with researching and specifying a suitable replacement coating.

We successfully sourced and applied a lime based solution to the stonework resulting in a uniformed and pleasing finish.

In the basement areas the retaining walls had defective render removed and replacing with a Sika tanking system. Once cured the render received Dulux/Akzo Nobel paint coatings.

Insitu masonry and timber repairs were undertaken along with the redecoration of all of the previously painted surfaces.

Contract Value: £190,000